Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MN AMA-What a way to grow your business or career!

You’ve heard it before -- how participating in professional associations pays off and your career will benefit in untold and unforeseen ways. But, you ask, is that still true in this social media age – where with LinkedIn and Facebook you can develop thousands of contacts without meeting a single person face to face? 

I say yes, definitely.  Granted, my business was started in the caveman days (1995), when the U.S. post office rather than email, delivered MN AMA’s newsletter. But even with today’s ability to ‘meet’ people online via LinkedIn and other social media, the value of personal involvement and contact remains extremely high.  The mere existence of MeetUp.com is a testament to the value of in-person, face-to-face engagement.

My personal experience with MN AMA is a case in point.  As with most start-ups, I was longer on time than on money, when I started my business16 years ago. One of the best decisions I made was to get involved in the MN chapter of the AMA.  Already an AMA member, I became a committee volunteer and served on the board for several years.  The people I met through these activities lead directly to projects, as well as referrals.  In fact, nearly all of my clients in those early years were via AMA connections.  It was (and still is) a great way to grow your business or your personal brand.  I recently received a referral via MN AMA’s LinkedIn group, which lead to a new, and hopefully long-term, client. 

Your personal involvement in MN AMA is an opportunity to actively address today’s challenges -- whether it’s a new job, new business or larger personal network.  Keep growing by ‘getting into it’!   Now is the perfect time to join MN AMA during the Fall Membership Drive.  Receive discounted registration dues and additional savings if you register before November 18th, check out the membership drive page for more information.

Cheryl Powers is the President of The Research Edge® LLC, a full-service market research company that provides qualitative and quantitative methodologies to a broad range of businesses and industries.  Cheryl has been a member of the MN AMA since 1995 and has served in many leadership positions over the years.
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