Thursday, November 17, 2011

Member of the Month—November 2011

Welcome to the MN AMA’s new feature—Member of the Month!

Member of the Month is designed to show appreciation for and recognize MN AMA members for their membership. Member of the Month is also a great way for other members to get to know each other. Once a month a member will be chosen at random at the end of the month and receive a congratulations email at the beginning of their month asking them for an interview.

Member of the Month receives:
  • Recognition on the MN AMA website, all social media outlets and at all monthly events.
  • Free attendance at all events (mixers/programming events) that month (minus Annual Conference).
  • Thank you card from VP of Membership and President.
  • Personal Phone call from VP of Membership.

November Member of the Month

1.     What’s your name?
Darren Drumsta

2.     Where do you work? What is your role?
I am Product Manager at MEDGRAPHICS Corporation. I handle all upstream 
marketing efforts for the Exercise Cardio respiratory Diagnostics Product Portfolio.

3.     When did you join the AMA?
May 2011

4.     Why did you join the AMA?
AMA helps foster development of marketing professionals in multiple disciplines.

5.     What have you learned or do you hope to learn from the MN AMA?
Through the AMA, I hope to continue my personal professional development and build my professional network.

6.     What is one piece of career/marketing advice you have for other MN AMA Members?
I constantly remind myself to think panoramically in terms of overall market understanding and strategy. Often times we are too narrow-minded and force ideas and concepts upon each other that are developed in a “vacuum” so-to-speak. It is my opinion that looking at the bigger picture is where innovation really comes from, however it’s always important to remember the finer details that tie everything together in the end.

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