Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We All Scream for Marketing!

Marketing to me is a big hot fudge sundae with a dollop of whip cream with the cherry and sprinkles on top but isn’t that what marketing is all about?  We provide the flavors and toppings to everyday life to entice consumers to crave our ideas.  Ideally buy our ideas and talk about them to every person they know and they know, etc.  Today with the internet, apps and digital advertising we live in the Baskin Robbins of decisions where thirty-one flavors provides several choices and a lot of variety.  Where do we start and how do we begin?   Here are some ingredients for a Marketing Sundae. 

First, the flavors: 

Do you want one scoop, two or three?  What flavors do you want to use, vanilla (social media), fudge swirl (advertising) or cotton candy (packaging)?  You can layer as many flavors as you want. 

Next, the toppings

1. The sauce, the part that sticks with consumers such as hot fudge (tagline) or strawberry (promotions). 

2. Whip cream, this is the added sweetness.  The theme for your idea or product.  Is it a children’s product?  Do you want to have a whimsical  look and appeal?  

3. The cherry on top (branding and gaining awareness). 

4. Sprinkles, this part can represent several different methods.  One way of thinking about sprinkles is related to design.  In the colors you choose and the meanings behind the colors. Such as the color orange.  Orange - vibrancy, energy, sporty and enthusiasm. What message to do want to convey and what are the colors to get your message across to the consumer? 
5. Don’t forget the nuts!  (CRM) - Customer Relationship Management, Creative Radical Marketing, Characters Really Motivate.  Pick your CRM (make it up and have fun!) 

Your order is ready! 

With any recipe you can add your own ingredients or take away and make it your own.  Grab a spoon and dig in! 

Moray Bonneville is a St. Mary’s University alumna.  She graduated with a double major of B.S. of Sales and Marketing and B.S. of Human Resources Management.  Her early marketing experience began at age sixteen as a samples marketer.  She participated on campaigns with MAC Cosmetics, Calvin Klein CK One and Yoplait Breast Cancer for the Cure.  Currently, she works full time as an assistant.  In her spare time she likes to read a variety of books, write and spend time with her family. 
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