Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marketing Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness for marketing!  What?  Just like working out to keep our bodies toned, cardio up and cholesterol low, it benefits us to flex our marketing muscles to keep our mind sharp.  By keeping up with trends and staying mindful of traditional methods we can stretch our knowledge.  Here are some suggestions to keep you mentally fit.

1. Cross Train: V-A-R-I-E-T-Y!
What I love most about marketing is variety!  It is our job as marketers to provide it.  Step out of your comfort zone and sign up for a class, seminar or web-ex to mix things up and then keep mixing things up. 

Incorporate cross training into teams to prevent “Groupthink” and prevent reaching plateaus.  A good method for this is role playing.

  1. 2. Crunch Creativity: Be a kid again
Do we always have to think outside the box?  What about the box itself?  A box can be a fort, a race car, a robot, a castle or a boat.  It can be a boat sailing the seas with a crew looking for lost treasure – Aye Matey!

Keep a small notebook nearby for ideas or even just to doodle.  Letting your mind take a break and wander helps refresh us to let the creativity flow.

  1. 3. Strength Train: Lift your talent
We all have strengths but how often do we use them?  If you are one who doesn’t get to power lift your talents, there are options to do so, volunteering with the AMA MN Chapter is an excellent way to put your fine tuned skills into motion.

Ask to volunteer at work on projects.  This can work one of two ways.  One, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths or two, learn new ones. 

Moray Bonneville is a St. Mary’s University alumna.  She graduated with a double major of B.S. of Sales and Marketing and B.S. of Human Resources Management.  Her early marketing experience began at age sixteen as a samples marketer.  She participated on campaigns with MAC Cosmetics, Calvin Klein CK One and Yoplait Breast Cancer for the Cure.  Currently, she works full time as an assistant.  In her spare time she is taking classes to learn to play the guitar.
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