Thursday, October 14, 2010

MN AMA Wins Chapter of Excellence Award in Leadership

The AMA Chapter Excellence Award (CEA) results are in and I couldn’t be more pleased.  When I was contacted about the MN AMA getting a special merit award for leadership, I just remember thinking, what a great honor to be recognized with this achievement among 76 other chapters throughout North America.  

Although the award itself is pretty impressive, what stands out more for me is the support over the past year of my fellow board of directors, members, sponsors and volunteers – and for that, I humbly thank you.  It has truly been amazing to work with so many outstanding people and towards such great goals, and this is only the beginning. 

We have big plans for the future, as this recognition only intensifies the responsibility we feel, not only to the nearly 600 MN AMA members, but to the marketing community as a whole in Minnesota. We’re working to provide even better programming and networking opportunities for members and guests to elevate the prestige and credibility of the marketing profession in this area.
Again, thank you so much for all your support that allowed us to showcase the great work and the amazing year we had in 2009-2010 that will enable the team to have another great year this year. And for anyone who is looking to volunteer their time and talents with our chapter, please see all the volunteer opportunities we have available at . 

Thanks again!

Kim Verros, MN AMA Immediate Past President 2010-2011

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Amanda Broman said...

As a volunteer, I know all the hard work the board and others put into taking the MN AMA to the next level. It is an honor to have that work be recognized!

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