Monday, March 1, 2010

The Wheaties FUEL™ Development Story

By Ben Johnson

New Wheaties FUEL cereal -- created with the help of Peyton Manning, triathlete Hunter Kemper, Kevin Garnett, gold medal-winning decathlete Bryan Clay, Albert Pujols and sports nutritionist Dr. John Ivy -- is now available in retail stores across the country. Wheaties FUEL is a lightly sweetened, crunchy whole wheat flake with crispy rice and a touch of honey and cinnamon and it represents the evolution of the iconic 85-year-old Breakfast of Champions®. Wheaties FUEL is the first-ever cereal designed to help meet the nutritional needs of today's athletes. Take a look at the first webisode, reviewing the unique Wheaties FUEL co-creation process.

Ben Johnson is an Associate Marketing Manager for the Wheaties Brand at General Mills. Ben and his team will be presenting "The Evolution of an American Icon: The Wheaties FUEL Development Story" at the upcoming MN AMA program on April 13, 2010.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting approach to finding new Wheaties loyalists. Did Payten Manning have his FUEL before the Superbowl?

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