Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick Repose Codes (QR Codes)

We are constantly in a technological race where it is necessary to keep up and be adaptable to stay ahead of the competition.  Japan has capitalized on setting the trends in technology and once again introduced to the market a 2D matrix barcode that is limitless in the characters of information that can be held on something the size of a postage stamp. 

You might have already seen these on advertisements in magazines, and soon products such 
as coffee cups, cereal boxes, business cards and just about anything you can imagine.  If you 
have not seen these codes, pay attention, the US market is quickly shifting in how they inform 
the consumer and build a community. 

Many companies are now beginning to use these codes to connect their Facebook page to the consumer.  This provides a well rounded community connection and expands your base.  It is a quick tracking tool and a buy-in to your product to generate sales leads.  It will also keep track to what the consumer wants and how you can adapt to those needs. 

The first time I had seen a QR code was at the back of the book, “I Am Number Four”.  I was 
immediately intrigued since the code itself had a science fiction look.  By scanning this code I 
was led to an expanded behind the scenes of the movie and what was next in the series.  

After that experience I began to notice these codes in advertisements and now my company has decided to use a QR code to direct specific customers to a new product launch and its benefits. 

Why are these beneficial?  Here are three Es to keep in mind the next time you are looking to 
reach your consumers. 

1. Efficient 
Saves time for the consumer by providing a direct link to relevant content. 

2. Easy 
Apps are used to scan the QR code.  One scan opens up a portal to information.  There 
are a variety of apps that can be used:  i-nigma, Barcode Scanner and Red Laser. 

3. Effective 
Direct your customer to where you want them to go.  Cost-effective to generate, a code 
can be created through Kaywa.com. Additionally, Google and Kerem Erkan have QR code tools.  Kerem Erkan allows you to customize color and format your codes. 

Currently, these are most popular in the Gen Y and techie markets.  However today, there are 
thousands of people on Facebook who don’t even own a computer.  Do you want to be the bird or the worm? 

Moray Bonneville is a St. Mary’s University alumna.  She graduated with a double major of B.S. of Sales and Marketing and B.S. of Human Resources Management.  Her early marketing experience began at age sixteen as a samples marketer.  She participated on campaigns with MAC Cosmetics, Calvin Klein CK One and Yoplait Breast Cancer for the Cure.  She works full time as an assistant.   

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