Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marketing Facebook: Tips for Growing Your Fan Base

Marketing plans have increasingly incorporated social media into their agenda. Facebook and Twitter have become a natural part of a brand, and the push to attract followers and fans has almost become feverish. So what’s the big deal? What are the proven benefits of a large Facebook fan base? Is it really important to have more Twitter followers than Kim Kardashian?

There are proven benefits to having a strong social media presence. For the sake of time and space, I will be focusing on Facebook fans. I have outlined a few benefits below.

1.  Increased brand awareness. Whether people find your website through your Facebook page, or find your Facebook page through your website, it’s more traffic. More traffic and higher brand visibility make for a higher chance of product awareness and education.
2.  Easier search engine optimization- A Facebook fan page does more than heighten your exposure within a social network; a fan page raises the odds of your name being found quicker on search engines, like Google.
3.  Customer loyalty- Current customers who follow your Facebook fan page will develop an individual connection to your product or service, particularly if you are diligent about feedback and responses with their posts. Facebook lends itself to conversation nicely, and using it to engage with customers will make them even more connected. Fan pages offer fans chances to post pictures, provide product reviews, and to post feedback and comments that may possibly attract others and provide you with priceless insight into the wants and also needs of your projected audience.

It does take time, energy, dedication and knowledge to create a successful Facebook fan base. However with a little patience and creative thinking, Facebook fans can become highly vocal and loyal customers. So how can you create a larger fan base?  

Below are my top three tips on creating a successful Facebook campaign:

1.     Linking and driving. Don’t assume your customers will just stumble upon your Facebook page. Make an engaging and attractive way for them to see that you have a Facebook page. Use the brand website as a hub to connect and funnel users to your social media sites.
2.     Give a little TLC. Everyone likes to feel special-especially your customers. Entice people to become fans by offering exclusive deals for them. You can give specific coupons, post special offers, free downloads, photos, applications or advance notice for special events, all of which would be exclusive to your fans.
3.     Reward the Super-fan. Super-fans are the handful of people that are the loudest and most visible fans of your product. Pay attention to these people. They can become your strongest advocates because they are viewed as an unbiased consumer. This is why Facebook is unique, it is viewed as a community rather than a hierarchy. Visibly reward your strongest customers and not only will those customers become even happier with the brand, but Facebook allows the whole community to see their positive experience.
Ashley Haugen is a Gustavus Adolphus College alumna. She has had Marketing experience working with such organizations as the LOFT Literary Center, the Gustavus Marketing Department and the Ordway Center for Performing Arts.
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