Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Industry news without time investment!

In the marketing industry overall, it is always so important to stay up-to-date about the latest technology, emerging campaigns and budding research.  Many times, both the industry and your company rely on you to keep your ear to the pulse. But honestly, who has 4+ hours a day to stay on top of  Charlie Sheen’s meltdowns, Apple’s ipad2 release, your competitors new campaign launch, plus data tracking the exponential growth of social media?

From what I’ve learned though, in order to keep a fast-paced life "in-motion," it takes good resources to stay afloat, especially in the marketing world.  Yet, everyone has their own tools to stay up-to-date about what’s going on.

Looking below, I hope you look into some of the innovative ideas and effective websites suggested by other industry professionals.  Also, please contribute your tips and tricks to saving time, while staying informed.

I subscribe to the  4A's Smartbrief and Smartbrief on leadership. A daily email that combs recent communications and leadership/management news and provides highlights of leading releases, including links to full articles. I also have about 10-15 people on Twitter I follow that are experts in technology, social media and online marketing communications. I review their posts about once or twice a week and often they will have posted a link to relevant studies or articles. Like Smartbrief, it serves as a filter, by experts to great information (Rob Rankin, VP/Director of Brand Development at Clarity Coverdale Fury).

My daily bible to stay up to date is checking Mashable's site from my iPhone app. It's quick and easy. I hop on Hootsuite once in a while if I've more time (Dominic Fong, Senior Project Coordinator at UnitedHealth Group).

I use Google Reader to keep track of all the Marketing/Communications/Advertising blogs that I read. With so many great thought-leaders out there, I have found it is the easiest way for me to go to one place and get all the latest and greatest information from those that I follow (Amanda Broman, Marketing Specialist at UnitedHealth Group).

I look at eMarketer a lot (www.emarketer.com), they have some pretty good blog articles and interesting research studies on online consumer marketing in the areas of social media, search, ecommerce and mobile (Rob McChane, Web Strategist at Aware Web Solutions, Inc.).

From my marketing work at a medical device company, I use RSS feeds to stay current – I have 50+ that I check out, although I don't get time read all of them every day! Topics include medical-related news as well as marketing, advertising, and design. RSS feeds allow me to get quick snippets of info from diverse sources and then I can delve further if an article catches my interest. Some of my favorite blogs/sites are Medical News Today, WSJ Health, Advertising Age, CMO, and TheDieline (Jen Hanson, Marketing and Communications Analyst at MEDRAD Interventional).

Share your time saving tips!

Jennifer Broman is an Assistant Account Executive at Hunt Adkins, a full-service advertising agency in Minneapolis.  Currently, she is serving as the MN AMA Blog Content Manager.


Barrie Berquist said...

Great article, Jennifer. I've often wondered what others did to stay informed. Like Rob Rankin, I read the Smartbrief and Smartbrief on Leadership. I also set up Google alerts on my company, our major clients, and our competitors. This way, news that I want to know is emailed right to me. (I also set up a Google alert on myself so anything about ME gets emailed to me!)

Jennifer Broman said...

Thanks for your insight Barrie! Those tips are great. I agree that it is also important to have a perspective you what is being said about you as well. This is a good idea for all professionals!

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