Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are you the trusted expert?

As marketers, much of our job is to position our brand (whether ourselves or a product/service) as the trusted expert in our respective industries.  Earning trust and achieving expert status are not quick or easy tasks, but can be a solid foundation for success.  Even if your company or product is fairly new or small, there are many ways to position your brand as the expert in your field, especially through the content you provide. 

Are you on track to position your brand as the expert in [your product/service/niche]?  Ask yourself these questions:

·      Do I have the human resources to help position my brand as the expert? Are my employees passionate about the brand?
·      As a company, do we do what we say we are going to do and have a brand promise that speaks for itself? Is our customer service top-notch?
·      Do I provide educational resources on my website that customers cannot find anywhere else?
·      Do I practice the 80/20 rule in social media (80% about things beyond my brand, 20% brand specific) and provide engaging content?
·      Are our employees reaching out to share their expertise by speaking at seminars, writing white papers or guides, or contributing to magazines or blogs?
·      Is our company helping people in the industry or community, either thru cause-related marketing or by simply providing educational content without expecting sales from every effort?
·      Am I aligning myself with other “trusted experts” - people, companies, and associations that can help me achieve expert status?

Are there any areas where you are excelling or could improve? What are some other ways to help position yourself/your brand as the source for your product or service? 

Jackie Kaufenberg is the Marketing Manager for Altimate Medical Inc. in Morton, Minnesota. They manufacture standing frames for people who use wheelchairs and also have a blog for people with disabilities, and medical professionals. You can reach her via Twitter @jkaufenberg.

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