Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MN AMA Annual Conference Spotlight: David Brier

David Brier

Having a unique blend of practical realism coupled with the ability to challenge the normal and average, award-winning designer and brand identity expert David Brier wanted to arm this year's attendees with some crisis-crunching brand strategies. Tools to ignite or reinvigorate any brand. The result is a never-before-seen presentation, "What’s Killing Your Brand (and how to kill it before it kills you)."

 Brier states, "So many brands are struggling and getting frantic with ‘What do I say, how do I say it and where do I say it to make an impact?’ that I wanted to make a presentation at this year’s conference that would give each attendee a few powerful tools they could walk away with and apply immediately."

The presentation will be delivered with Brier's trademark wit and humor that professionals have come to love showcasing recent work (and the results from those strategies) for Botanical Bakery, Big Dot of Happiness, New York City celebrity skin care expert Joanna Vargas, Menomonie Chamber of Commerce, Legacy Chocolates and others.

 Brier’s presentation, focused on the B2C brand mix, will focus on:

• Minimizing waste while creating a killer brand

• Creating a brand that leads and doesn’t merely follow.

• Creating a brand that knows when to rock when others roll

• Using a little known exercise to elevate any brand’s perceived value

• A strategy for creating a brand that factually stands out (versus merely blending in)

• Saying goodbye to brand strategies that are a few fingers short of a high five (and loving your newfound freedom)
In addition, there will be a special section in the presentation on “what social media cannot achieve (unless you have one key element in place first).”

 Brier concludes, "If your brand is a few fingers short of a high five, this presentation will light your candle. It will also answer, 'Why is your brand is costing you a small fortune to achieve any success at all?' "

David Brier is a native New Yorker now living and working one hour east of Minneapolis. David is a brand identity expert, veteran designer, author, speaker and Fast Company expert blogger.  "Cookie cutters are for baking, not branding," states David Brier, chief gravity defyer at DBD International. David's worked with Revlon, Estee Lauder, Jim Henson Associates, Rolling Stone magazine, the New York Times Sunday magazine and the Trump Organization, as well as numerous local and regional companies and organizations earning David over 300 international and national industry awards.  Equally comfortable designing the look of words, David's skill with the use of words is equally respected. David released a remarkable book entitled DEFYING GRAVITY & RISING ABOVE THE NOISE, the book on brand elevation that has found its way into the hands of Donald Trump and Steve Jobs.  You can follow him on twitter @davidbrier.

Please register for the 2010 MN AMA Annual Conference taking place next Monday, November 8th in Minneapolis, MN.  This year, we will be hearing from a variety of innovative, strategic and on-trend marketing professionals, who have great insight on how to grow your business, as well as your professional skill set.  Registration concludes Wednesday, November 3rd at 12:00 a.m., so be sure to reserve your spot!

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