Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet the MN AMA’s 2010-2011 Board of Directors

Congratulations to the new MN AMA Board of Directors, which took the reins on July 1. In the upcoming year, look forward to new events and new programs designed to accelerate your career, increase the depth of your knowledge and put you face-to-face with the movers and shakers of the Minnesota marketing community. Want to learn more about our board members? Check out their goals for the 2010–2011 fiscal year:

Andrew Chollar, President
"For the last year, I’ve been working with others on the board to lay the groundwork for a program I conceived of while on the Programming Committee. It’s called the Executive Engagement Program, and is designed to increase participation in the MN AMA by senior level marketing professionals and thought leaders. Kicking off that program this year is a primary goal of mine."

Dani Luffey, President Elect
“One goal I expect to see over the next year or so, is an increase in the value we provide for MN AMA members. We have great plans for our MN AMA membership that includes improvements in the overall member experience. We'll step it up with meaningful, impactful events and tools that help members achieve their professional goals and more. I'm very excited about the future.”

Kim Verros, Immediate Past President
“To support the President in building a highly involved and relevant marketing community that marketers can count and adds value to the lives and careers of our members.”

Janelle Lynch, VP—Annual Conference
“My overall goal is to have a successful 2010 Annual Conference.”

Jessica Egyhazi, AVP—Annual Conference
“To increase 2011 and 2012 Annual Conference attendance by Midwest marketing professionals regardless of AMA affiliation.”
Jessica Meilleur, VP—Collegiate Relations
“Delivering the value of MN AMA and bridging the gap between our collegiate chapters and the professional chapter is my main goal as VP of Collegiate Relations this year.”

Clark Gregor, AVP—Collegiate Relations
“I'd like to leverage our incentives for collegiate membership to gain more graduate student members.”

Cassie Fyten, VP—Finance
“To work closely with all the committees that make up the MN AMA to ensure all financial goals are met.”
Laura Kalies, AVP—Finance
“I think it will be of key importance to engage the board in activities that strengthen our financial position. This will include effective budget management as well as cultivation and support of sponsorship relationships that will enable the organization to provide a meaningful experience for our members and become their primary base for education, networking and job resources.”

Dominic Fong, VP—Marcom
“I want to revitalize the MN AMA brand as the premier marketing professional organization in the State of Minnesota as well as the chapter's online and social media presence to enhance membership and programming outreach efforts.”
Rob McChane, AVP—Marcom
“I hope to help streamline our internal marketing communications processes to make our communications to membership as timely and effective as possible. Additionally, I hope to continue to help the chapter stay ahead of new technological advances in Social Media and online marketing communications.”
Heidi Theede, VP—Membership
“My main goal is to increase membership by retaining those members we do have by creating engaging topics, venues and speakers.”
Ken Gregory, AVP—Membership
“Increase member retention through focused events and initiatives that promote professional education, knowledge sharing, and networking, and provide meaningful experiences to our member community.”
Camille Benoit, VP—Programming
“My goal is to provide engaging, high-quality programming that can help marketing professionals stay current and technologically savvy amidst the rapid rate of change that is affecting every aspect of our industry.”

Laura Bates, AVP—Programming
“Continued relevant, fresh programming. Improved planning and promotion to increase attendance.”

Catherine Gillis, VP—Sponsorship
“I expect to provide an increased level of sponsorship to provide a high quality experience for members.”
Melissa Halling, AVP—Sponsorship
“One goal that I would like to achieve while in my position is to incorporate more sponsors into dual sponsorships with the MN AMA. I would like to create more excitement around our core sponsorship benefits along with stretching the sponsorships into the Annual Conference as well.”

Chuck Swensson, Director at Large—Executive Engagement
"I am excited to launch our Executive Engagement Program, which has the potential to fully engage and support the marketing executive segment of our constituency."

Learn more about the 2010-2011 MN AMA Board of Directors now!
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